Faux brick wall with white wash Farmhouse German smear

Thursday, April 8, 2021

I wanted to do some sort of accent wall in our 100 year old farmhouse. I had decided to just do the white wash treatment instead of the German smear. 
Super easy and really gave my little office some charter it desperately needed!!

I had taken out the drop ceiling because I wanted to give my tiny 10X8 office some height in the ceiling. The brick paneling came from Menards the sheets were about $20 a panel. I needed 3.

I attached the panels with liquid nails and my nail gun. 

I really liked this look too! But I needed to lighten up the room. 
I caulked all the seems first with painters caulk.
Then I added 3 parts white chalk paint to 1 part water. I worked with just the seams, brushing the paint on and skimming over the bricks.


I am in love with the texture in my tiny office. 

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My Favorite things off amazon

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

These farmhouse towels are a great price, and you get so many. I am in love with the simple pattern and softness. 

This steam vac has changed my life.

These shelves are so fun to decorate and change up and they are half price right now.

Tired of your throws, I changed mine out with these covers 
I just ordered 3 sets of these and am very happy with the finish.

Who doesn't love a boxwood wreath? These are a great price
These scales are so in right now. The price on this one is definitely worth splurging for one.

And I can not forget my favorite floor tiles. Floorpops 

This pillow is long and so well made. Love it on my bed.

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Pallet board clock Pottery Barn Knock off

Monday, March 8, 2021

This was one of my favorite DIY art. I turned an old pallet into a rustic clock. I did this project about 10 years ago. So sadly I don't have the step by step directions with pics but I still really love this old world clock.

I had seen this old world type clock at Pottery Barn. It wasn't an actual working clock just for d├ęcor. It was so long ago I can't find the images to even show you.
I Had received a shipment on a pallet, I was so excited to use the pallet board for this project.
I started pulling off nails and disassembling the pallet so I could have just the boards.

I laid all the boards flat and attached three boards across the back to secure the wood. I used old roofing nails to give it a more rustic look.

I then stained the boards in a black stain. I roughed it up a little with sandpaper to really give it the old rustic look.

Now this was before I had a projector or knew how to transfer letters so I would up printing the roman numbers and tracing around them in chalk. The labor of love...
Once I had the outline I was able to paint in the numbers with a small brush and white paint. I went over the entire clock with a brown stain to really give it the aged look. 

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Modern Farmhouse kitchenette Black kitchen cabinets

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Honey Oak to Black French Farmhouse-

The challenge here was to design an existing kitchen to blend with our massive bar/pub and game room. Our basement was very country looking, with a lot of orange tones. It has a lot of natural lighting and is a walk out. So we really went with a dark tone in the walls, cabinets, and ceiling.

We didn't want to replace any of the appliances or countertops, but I couldn't live with the honey oak cabinets. We don't cook a lot to justify spending the money to redo the entire kitchenette, so we went with a color palette to incorporate the space we currently have with our pub themed basement.

Added a veneer backsplash to give the room some texture. Wayfair sells this in peel and stick. Super easy to apply.

Our new kitchenette has tons of texture. I wanted to blend with our existing countertops and not replace the granite that was there. The backdrop of warm tones is a great base for decor and it will be a fun space to easily change up with the seasons.

The stain on the shelves is vinegar stain, which brings out the natural grain in your woods, while aging it. For the details on How to achieve that look  here

We added farmhouse brackets and chunky shelves to give the kitchenette and updated look with more storage.

The shelf brackets came from amazon here

I used peel and stick wallpaper for my drawers and drawers. It’s so much thicker and luxurious then using contact paper. They have a much larger selection of colors and patterns too, then what you’ll find in contact paper. Here is the one I choose.

White was my first choice for the honey cabinets, but half way thru the painting I derailed and re-painted the cabinets in black. We have a lot of natural lighting so the area isn't dark it all. The transformation has actually helped the space feel more homey and welcoming.
We added the same veneer to the back of the island.

Here is the other side of the basement. Our pub style bar in progress. We opened up the basement by having  the drop ceilings removed and sprayed flat black.

Before it was just okay. I am not a fan of anything honey oak. The cabinets were in great shape we just needed to add some color.
want to know where to get the backsplash?  I linked the one we purchased here

The shelf brackets came from amazon here

The stain on the shelves is vinegar stain here
The paint color for cabinets is Dark secret Behr 
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Cleaning the Farmhouse porcelain washboard sink

Thursday, February 11, 2021


I am not an expert in cleaning these sinks, But the sink I had found at the side of the road had no cracks or chips in the porcelain.  So these are the products I used to get my sink back to working order and shiny again.


The products I used


-scrub brush

-CLR here,

- Household Bleach

-Comet here

-bar keepers friend Here

-Magic Erasers here.

I soaked it with CLR first trying to loosen up any deposits and residue or rust on the tub, 

I put the stopper in the sink and poured 2 cups of  CLR then filled the sink with water. I would use a good amount of CLR to really give it good fighting chance on that grime. Use a scrub brush and give the entire sink a good scrub with the CLR. Let the CLR soak on the tub for a few hours. You can purchase it in a spray as well if you need to apply it stronger on the sink top and washboard. I just let the water sit on it from the sink.

I would come back every 15 min and take a scrub brush and try to loosen any grim on the sides of the sinks.

Drain sink and completely dry.

Now that the sink is dry  I went back and scrubbed it with bleach, just to get anything that was left. 

I did the same process with the bleach as above. Filling the sink with water and adding 2 cups of bleach to the sink. 

Let it soak for a couple of hours.

Scrub, drain and dry.

Now that I have gave the sink a good soak I went back and covered the entire sink in bar keepers friend  and really scrubbed in a circler motion. The comet did a lot to the finish on the sink it helped get it nice and shinny and any scuffs or marks really came out in this process.

Once you have scrubbed the entire sink rinse and dry well.

That should get all of all the old yuck off the porcelain sink.

Now go over it with a Magic eraser. They work great for any left over scuffs.
 I do need to from time to time give it a good scrub with the bar keepers friend  powder.

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DIY farmhouse style sign

Monday, February 8, 2021

I fell in love with the large family signs I see all over Pinterest, but I didn't love the price tag on it.
The large ones that I wanted cost $300 and up. So it was time for another DIY.

Supplies needed
  • plywood (I used 2x4)
  • stain
  • black paint
  • sandpaper 80 grit
  • furring strips
  • vinyl sticker
  • nail gun
  • saw

I had a scarp piece of plywood in 2X4 feet so it was the perfect size for my project.
I stained the entire piece of plywood in walnut first.
Then I went over it with black milk paint. You can purchase milk paint or just take some black paint and add water to it. For this I did half paint half water ratio. 
I brushed the black milk paint over the stain. 
Let dry

 I didn't take pictures of the process, but once the milk paint dried I just lightly sanded the entire top of the board. You can do this either more aggressively or lightly just depends on how much you want it to be destressed. 

I do not own a cricket maker, which I know a lot of you do. So I ordered my letters off of Esty. I ordered the last name to fit the width of the board. 

Applying the vinyl making sure to center it on your wood. Then peel away...

 For the trim I used furring stirps. Home depot has them for $2 a board. I needed 3 for my sign. Cut the sides first, We used a chop saw to cut the boards. The boards are thin enough you could use a hand saw if you don't have a chop or circular saw.

For the finish on the furring strips I used steel wool and vinegar you can find that here 

we attached the frame with our nail gun.
hope this inspires you to try something new. Thanks for stopping by.
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