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Painted utility tub

Sunday, January 24, 2021

 So this isn’t really what this product is for and I have no idea if it will last....but my sink was stained with rust water and I thought why not! You can get the paint I used here 

I did not remove the sink or faucet to paint. I just taped around the entire sink and faucet.

First I cleaned and dried the entire sink. 

Then take a plastic bag and wrap it around the faucet, use a rubber band wrapping it around the faucet to make it tight.

Tape around the sink and faucet.
Then added a thin layer of paint with a foam roller here 

It took two coats and I did use the glaze that came with the kit over it. I Just used a foam roller and applied it. No polyurethane at this point.

It really is an amazing transformation. I figured if the paint is made to stick to ceramic tiles, that get wet. Why wouldn't it work on a sink?

Apply the glaze with a mini roller. It goes on thin and you don't need a lot. 

I left it to cure for 3 days before I attempted to use it. So far so good! no chipping the finish is hard and I'm really happy with the look.
I hope this easy and inexpensive project inspires you to do something new. Don't let fear stop you. It's really just paint. If we mess up we can paint over it!

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