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Drainboard Farmhouse sink redo

Monday, October 26, 2020

This sink is so large and gives my half bath so much character. When I bought my farmhouse, it had nothing original. I scored this sink outside in an alley waiting for the trash!! The crazy thing is I had been looking for a sink just like this for this bath. My half bath is off my kitchen which can be quite strange, So I just embraced the fact that I have this half bath off my kitchen. Adding this sink has just made this half bath such a show stopper..  My home is from 1901 so it's pretty cool to have a true farmhouse sink for our guest bathroom. 
To find out how I cleaned it here

Love old things 

The sink had the original cabinet as well, I didn’t ever plan to put them together. I knew I was wanting to find the perfect cabinet or dresser for the sink. 
The sink had no cracks or chips. I just had to bring it in and shine it up. I soaked it with CLR first trying to loosen up any deposits and residue or rust on the tub, I left that in the tub soaking for hours.
Once I finished that, I went back and scrubbed it with bleach, just to get anything that was left. 
Completely dry it out and give it a good scrub with a soft cloth and comet powder.
That should get all of all the old yuck off the porcelain sink.
Then go over it with a Magic eraser. They work great for any left over scuffs. I do need to redo from time to time give it a good scrub with the Comet powder.

I was able to find an antique dresser on craigslist  that was wide  and deep enough to hold the frame of the farmhouse sink. I removed the top of the dresser and braced the back with 2x4s. I had to cut the back off of the drawers and shorten them to allow for plumbing. These sinks have a big cast iron lip that held on great to the edge of the dresser.

The top two drawers are just the fronts, I had to completely take out the inside and just attach the front of the drawers.  
The bottom drawers are about 8 inches deep. I  used my circular saw to shorten them, and nailed the original back on to the shortened drawer. They aren't very deep but perfect for storing toilet paper rolls and extra hand towels.

They still make this faucet for these sinks, it wasn't easy to get the old off, I found the new one at my local Menards! I can not find the exact one anymore. This one here is similar from Amazon.
They have them in oil bronze finish as well, here and here they just don't have the little soap dish. Just make sure you measure the space between each mount for hot and cold to get the right size.

The mess before it gets pretty. Every project has to be ugly first...

The sink I had before just standard  boring. I had decided to go dark with the walls in Graphite Charcoal from Behr since the new sink was so white and such a show stopper for the room.


Here it is waiting for the trash

I even loved this old cabinet but it had a lot of rust and I wasn't up for that kind of redo.


The flooring in this bathroom was done with peel and stick from floor pops. I purchased them on amazon. Here

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