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Cleaning the Farmhouse porcelain washboard sink

Thursday, February 11, 2021


I am not an expert in cleaning these sinks, But the sink I had found at the side of the road had no cracks or chips in the porcelain.  So these are the products I used to get my sink back to working order and shiny again.


The products I used


-scrub brush

-CLR here,

- Household Bleach

-Comet here

-bar keepers friend Here

-Magic Erasers here.

I soaked it with CLR first trying to loosen up any deposits and residue or rust on the tub, 

I put the stopper in the sink and poured 2 cups of  CLR then filled the sink with water. I would use a good amount of CLR to really give it good fighting chance on that grime. Use a scrub brush and give the entire sink a good scrub with the CLR. Let the CLR soak on the tub for a few hours. You can purchase it in a spray as well if you need to apply it stronger on the sink top and washboard. I just let the water sit on it from the sink.

I would come back every 15 min and take a scrub brush and try to loosen any grim on the sides of the sinks.

Drain sink and completely dry.

Now that the sink is dry  I went back and scrubbed it with bleach, just to get anything that was left. 

I did the same process with the bleach as above. Filling the sink with water and adding 2 cups of bleach to the sink. 

Let it soak for a couple of hours.

Scrub, drain and dry.

Now that I have gave the sink a good soak I went back and covered the entire sink in bar keepers friend  and really scrubbed in a circler motion. The comet did a lot to the finish on the sink it helped get it nice and shinny and any scuffs or marks really came out in this process.

Once you have scrubbed the entire sink rinse and dry well.

That should get all of all the old yuck off the porcelain sink.

Now go over it with a Magic eraser. They work great for any left over scuffs.
 I do need to from time to time give it a good scrub with the bar keepers friend  powder.

 I hope this helps you make your home more personal and gives you the confidence to try something new.

Don't let fear of trying something hold you back. It's okay to make mistakes along the way, that's how we learn what we don't like.

When I use a product I do try to link it for you and if you decide to purchase the product I am affiliated with some of those companies. Its the only way to offset the time it takes building my how tos for decorating and DIY.

I am in no way asking you to click and purchase any items but it makes it easier for all the info to be on one site. Many different stores carry the products I use. But the links I provide is where I had purchased.

I hope that helps you make your home more personal and gives you the confidence to try something new.

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