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Tutorial for painting ceramic floors

Friday, February 5, 2021

How to paint ceramic tiles


2 boxes of Floor coating, two different colors with glaze Here

Paint tray

2 Mini foam rollers for smooth surfaces link Here

Painters Tape

Paint trim brush

Stencils in the size of your floor tile link Here

Polycrylic here

Prep your floor first.

 Clean your floors really well and dry, make sure there is no hairs or dust left on your tiles. This is really important because they will show up in your paint. 

Tape all your trim and cabinets in the room were you are painting the flooring. Give it one more vacuum or dry swifter to make sure there is no lint or debris.

Start painting your tiles. 

Mix your paint well. Start in sections, I did a 3x4 area first, this way You can keep cleaning the tiles to remove dust or debris  as you work in sections. 

Apply your base coat color using a paint brush around the edges, trimming the outside of your floor and your grout lines.

Next you start rolling the tiles with your base color. Make sure you do two coats so the tiles are completely covered. 

Repeat with your next section.

Let dry. 

It took about 6 hours for the paint to not be tacky. Once I had the entire floor painted with the base color it was time to stencil.

The stencil pack comes with two stencils. Use one at a time that way if you stop you can use the clean one to finish your project, they aren’t really easy to clean once they get full of paint.

Get your second color ready for your stencil.

Lay your stencil on the tile using your grout line as a guide to keep your stencils straight and uniform.

Do not tape your stencil down. You will just run the risk of pulling up the base paint since it hasn’t quite cured yet.

Roll your paint roller into the paint, but makes sure you don’t have too much paint on your roller or it will smudge and leak thru your stencil.

This is a good time to practice on a piece of card board, in a closet or behind your appliances before you try your first tile.

I did my practice behind the washer and dryer. First few too much paint. 

Once you have the right technique with rolling your stencil you can’t start on your actual tiles.

It’s always better to use less paint, you can always replace your stencil and match up the design on a tile to redo if you need to darken the stencil pattern then it is to take off paint.

Work first your 3x4 area, doing every other tile, (this way your not touching the freshly painted tile)

They dry pretty quick, so just keep moving along the pattern.

One you have finished the area go back and do the stencils on the unpainted tiles.

Repeat in sections until your floor is finished.

Now since this is stencils they won’t be perfect or all the same but that it’s what makes them look so unique

Once you have finished stenciling all the full tiles you will have have tiles around your trim and cabinets. This is the tricky part. I let the paint dry completely for 6 hours.  The stencil doesn't bend well to get a clean finish. I cut  the stencil in different edges and corners to finish all the edges in the room. With your two stencils you can used all 4 sides to cut them to fit into the edges of the room. 

Let your paint dry a couple of hours make sure it’s not tacky. Dry swifter the area again to make sure it’s dry and free of any debris. 

Now you add the glaze that came with the kit.

We did apply polyurethane after we applied the glaze and it had dried. This is our exit to the garage and only way to the basement.

We let the glaze set overnight. Then applied the poly. If you are using a light color make sure to use Polycrylic, Polyurathane will yellow.

This picture was taken before we applied the poly. So the finish with the glaze still has a nice gloss to it.

I have heard that Polyurethane can be slippery when wet, so I would just do the glaze if you get a lot of water traffic. Do not use Polyurethane if your base color is white, it will turn yellow. Instead use Polycrylic.

I am very happy with the finished results. They are all perfect. But they definitely gave my laundry room a more luxurious feel and my tiles don't look dirty anymore.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope this post will inspire you to try something new in your home.

 I hope this helps you make your home more personal and gives you the confidence to try something new.

Don't let fear of trying something hold you back. It's okay to make mistakes along the way, that's how we learn what we don't like.

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I am in no way asking you to click and purchase any items but it makes it easier for all the info to be on one site. Many different stores carry the products I use. But the links I provide is where I had purchased.

I hope that helps you make your home more personal and gives you the confidence to try something new.

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