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DIY farmhouse style sign

Monday, February 8, 2021

I fell in love with the large family signs I see all over Pinterest, but I didn't love the price tag on it.
The large ones that I wanted cost $300 and up. So it was time for another DIY.

Supplies needed
  • plywood (I used 2x4)
  • stain
  • black paint
  • sandpaper 80 grit
  • furring strips
  • vinyl sticker
  • nail gun
  • saw

I had a scarp piece of plywood in 2X4 feet so it was the perfect size for my project.
I stained the entire piece of plywood in walnut first.
Then I went over it with black milk paint. You can purchase milk paint or just take some black paint and add water to it. For this I did half paint half water ratio. 
I brushed the black milk paint over the stain. 
Let dry

 I didn't take pictures of the process, but once the milk paint dried I just lightly sanded the entire top of the board. You can do this either more aggressively or lightly just depends on how much you want it to be destressed. 

I do not own a cricket maker, which I know a lot of you do. So I ordered my letters off of Esty. I ordered the last name to fit the width of the board. 

Applying the vinyl making sure to center it on your wood. Then peel away...

 For the trim I used furring stirps. Home depot has them for $2 a board. I needed 3 for my sign. Cut the sides first, We used a chop saw to cut the boards. The boards are thin enough you could use a hand saw if you don't have a chop or circular saw.

For the finish on the furring strips I used steel wool and vinegar you can find that here 

we attached the frame with our nail gun.
hope this inspires you to try something new. Thanks for stopping by.
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