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Modern Farmhouse kitchenette Black kitchen cabinets

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Honey Oak to Black French Farmhouse-

The challenge here was to design an existing kitchen to blend with our massive bar/pub and game room. Our basement was very country looking, with a lot of orange tones. It has a lot of natural lighting and is a walk out. So we really went with a dark tone in the walls, cabinets, and ceiling.

We didn't want to replace any of the appliances or countertops, but I couldn't live with the honey oak cabinets. We don't cook a lot to justify spending the money to redo the entire kitchenette, so we went with a color palette to incorporate the space we currently have with our pub themed basement.

Added a veneer backsplash to give the room some texture. Wayfair sells this in peel and stick. Super easy to apply.

Our new kitchenette has tons of texture. I wanted to blend with our existing countertops and not replace the granite that was there. The backdrop of warm tones is a great base for decor and it will be a fun space to easily change up with the seasons.

The stain on the shelves is vinegar stain, which brings out the natural grain in your woods, while aging it. For the details on How to achieve that look  here

We added farmhouse brackets and chunky shelves to give the kitchenette and updated look with more storage.

The shelf brackets came from amazon here

I used peel and stick wallpaper for my drawers and drawers. It’s so much thicker and luxurious then using contact paper. They have a much larger selection of colors and patterns too, then what you’ll find in contact paper. Here is the one I choose.

White was my first choice for the honey cabinets, but half way thru the painting I derailed and re-painted the cabinets in black. We have a lot of natural lighting so the area isn't dark it all. The transformation has actually helped the space feel more homey and welcoming.
We added the same veneer to the back of the island.

Here is the other side of the basement. Our pub style bar in progress. We opened up the basement by having  the drop ceilings removed and sprayed flat black.

Before it was just okay. I am not a fan of anything honey oak. The cabinets were in great shape we just needed to add some color.
want to know where to get the backsplash?  I linked the one we purchased here

The shelf brackets came from amazon here

The stain on the shelves is vinegar stain here
The paint color for cabinets is Dark secret Behr 
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