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Monday, April 19, 2021


So exciting friends! My sink was shared and liked so many times that it caught the eye of an writer for real homes magazine!

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A DIYer found a farmhouse sink in an alley, and what she did with it is truly stunning

What a transformation!

bathroom sink transformation
(Image credit: Nancy Joerger)

The guest bathroom is a great place to make a statement with wallpaper, tiles, or in this case, an old-school sink. One avid DIYer transformed a retro sink that had been thrown out in an alley into a stylish bathroom feature.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure - and this couldn't be more true in Nancy’s gorgeous bathroom. Her half bath is a little unusual because it runs off her kitchen, but having a statement sink totally distracts from the quirky layout.


bathroom sink transformation

(Image credit: Nancy Joerger)

The cabinet that was thrown out with the sink had lots of rust on it, which would have made it a big job. 'I wasn't up for that kind of redo,' Nancy says. Instead, Nancy just took the farmhouse sink, and found an antique dresser on Craigslist big enough to hold the sink’s frame. 

So she removed the top and back off the drawers and shortened them to allow for plumbing. The top two drawers can’t be used, but the bottom ones are great for storing toilet paper and extra hand towels.


bathroom sink transformation

(Image credit: Nancy Joerger)

The first step in the transformation was to clean up the sink - which, luckily, had no cracks or chips on it - just a lot of grime. She soaked it with CLR cleaner to loosen up the residue, before scrubbing it with bleach. Once it had completely dried out, Nancy gave it a good scrub with a soft cloth and Comet powder.

Finally, she went over it with a Magic Eraser to remove leftover scuffs. Nancy fitted a new faucet found at her local Menards, which has a handy soap tray and traditional style like the original piece.

bathroom sink transformation

(Image credit: Nancy Joerger)

‘The sink I had before was just standard and boring,' Nancy says. 'I decided to go dark with the walls in Graphite Charcoal from Behr since the new sink was so white and such a show stopper for the room.’

bathroom sink transformation

(Image credit: Nancy Joerger)

‘This sink is so large and gives my half bath so much character,’ Nancy says. ‘The crazy thing is I had been looking for a sink just like this. Adding this sink has just made this half bath such a show stopper.’

‘My home is from 1901 so it's pretty cool to have a true farmhouse sink for our guest bathroom.’ We think it works brilliantly in her small bathroom. If you’re renovating your own bathroom and looking for a new basin, our guide on how to pick the best bathroom sink will help.

We're feeling so inspired - something that most people would walk straight past, Nancy has made into a unique design statement.

Millie Hurst

Millie is a homes writer renting in North London. She loves vintage furniture, candles, Interior Design Masters and a Facebook Marketplace bargain. She has previously written for Fabulous, Stylist and Marie Claire.

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Faux brick wall with white wash Farmhouse German smear

Thursday, April 8, 2021

I want I had wanted  to do some sort of accent wall in our 100 year old farmhouse. I had decided to just do the white wash treatment instead of the German smear. 
Super easy and really gave my little office some charter it desperately needed!!

I had taken out the drop ceiling because I wanted to give my tiny 10X8 office some height in the ceiling. The brick paneling came from Menards the sheets were about $20 a panel. I needed 3.

I attached the panels with liquid nails and my nail gun. 

I really liked this look too! But I needed to lighten up the room. 
I caulked all the seems first with painters caulk.
Then I added 3 parts white chalk paint to 1 part water. I worked with just the seams, brushing the paint on and skimming over the bricks.


 I hope this helps you make your home more personal and gives you the confidence to try something new.

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I hope that helps you make your home more personal and gives you the confidence to try something new.

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