Repurposed dresser turned bathroom vanity

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

So I found this dresser a few years back at good will for $14.99 and  I love turning dressers into sinks. I love the height, I love that it’s not so traditional, and I love, love all the storage.

This was the vanity in my bathroom. As you can see there was no counter space and even less storage. I was just 2 great big doors. with one shelf. 

So I took the actual sink off the base cabinet and decided this was the perfect project for my vintage dresser.

I measured the bottom of the opening where the sink would drop into the dresser and marked the top of the dresser with chalk to make a template for my cuts.

I drilled holes in all four corners with a large bit big enough so I can get my cut started with my circular saw.

then I was able to slip the blade into the hole I had drilled. I cut out the opening for the sink to drop in.

Once I had cut out the opening, I dropped the sink in. I was able to adjust the plumbing I had to add a few pieces because the dresser was taller than the original vanity.
I patched the drawer pull holes, I had taken the hardware off years ago and thrown it out. (kick myself moment) so I used antique glass knobs I had from another piece. I  re-drilled for just a single knob. 

I am very happy with the finished product. Its amazing the things we can come up with when we think outside the box, and look for what we have right in our own home.
Hope this project inspires you to do something fun in your home. 
Have a great day and thanks for coming and looking at my DIY vanity!


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