Bar additions October 2020 - Gas pipe shelves with reclaimed barn wood

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

I have used these shelves in a lot of different ways, in my old home we had them hung with rope running thru them, So the holes had already been there from my last project.... We now have them with gas pipes running thru them. It really added the rustic feel I was needing for our bar.

I am slowing making progress on the lower level, Its still warm out so we have been focusing on getting the back patio built and new circle driveway. But on rainy days I like to do get started on the basement.

We took down the mirrors that were behind the bar and hung reclaimed wood with black gas pipe fittings. I used the 1/4x 10 and 1/4 x 12 for this project.

 I had already had the wood power washed but not sanded. If you sand the barn wood you will lose all the patina and all of the character. I have done it a few times, it almost turns to a bleached wood, I'll post pics of it shortly. Barn wood is very soft due to its age so when sanding or power washing you have to be careful to not penetrate and break the wood.

I gave the honey oak cabinets a fresh look with Poly+stain in onyx. You can view that here.

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