Painted tile floor laundry room

Sunday, January 10, 2021

I had done the floor pops over my tiles in our old house and really loved the pattern, you can view them Here 

Rust-oleum s always one of my favorite paints, they have so many awesome products. I love their chalk paint and use it on all my furniture, so thought I’d give their floor coating a try. I’ve seen posts were people use the chalk paint as well. This is our laundry/mud room walk thru to garage. So I wanted to make sure it’s durable. You can order the cans separately here from amazon pre mixed. I think white and navy would look soo good.

For a complete tutorial on how we did this project you can find it here 

Before...I will have to see if I can find a before I started painting.
But as you can see it’s just the boring tiles there was nothing wrong with them, just outdated and my floor ALWAYS looked dirty!
I first cleaned the entire floor. 

Then used a sponge roller like this.
We first painted with the lighter color and let that dry about 6 hours...then we went back with the darker color and laid the stencil on each square, did not tape, just rolled it over. Try to not get too much paint on your roller so it doesn’t seep or get too dark.
You can get the stencil Here

Make sure you get a stencil the same size as your tile. I had 12x12 standard tiles. 
I just laid it down and rolled over it with a sponge roller. It moves pretty quick.

Rust-oleum has a new product called floor coating. We were doing a few different places, so we got one kit in silver, and another kit in charcoal. The kit comes with a cleaner and a glaze. I believe you can buy them separately. The glaze goes along way😊.

You can order the can separately here from amazon pre mixed. I think white and navy would look soo good.

We did this over two days, we painted behind the washer and  dryer first, which was a great place to practice with your stencil! My first one I added too much paint to the roller, so when I pulled it up it was blotchy. Make sure you don't add too much paint. 

Then we were painted the entire floor silver grey. I used the stencils in the front of the laundry room first, let it dry then moved onto the other side working back. 

The lighter ones show they aren’t quite dry, but I’m loving the results. It’s so Bright. Which is crazy I had changed my cabinets from white to black right before we did the floor.  (Note the front off the cabinet...I also painted my utility tub in the floor paint, more on that later.)

We did decide to add a coat of polycrylic in satin. It does give it a bit more shine, and a little more slippery. We did this in a satin finish. I didn’t want high gloss. So all the paints I used were matte or satin.
Ignore the bench, it’s on its way to the garage, next adding bead board and hooks!!!

Before photo



  1. What a difference! I love the stencil ida. I thought it would be very hard, but I see that it is doable! I now will be on a mission to find a room to do this in. I love it. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m I’m glad I could inspire to try something new. Come back and post pictures when you finish! Can’t wait to see your design.

  2. I have a tiny master bath and it has a fake wood floor. Cant replace but thinking of stenciling it. This is almost what I had in mind for the pattern. Can you give details as to where you obtained it. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for the tutorial. I'm going to do my tiny and I mean tiny bathroom floor. This helped a lot. Have my stenc coming. What type of roller, plush or tight nap?

  4. Love this and the tile stickers you used in a bathroom,, too. Which one would you recommend for a guest bathroom? Seems like the painted floor seems more authentic and you agree? Nice job!

  5. the painted tile is much more authentic, I love the feel of them. I would recommend doing this before peel and stick

  6. All your hard work is much appreciated. Nobody can stop to admire you. Lots of appreciation. Bodenfliesen

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