Amazon Friday finds

Friday, June 4, 2021

These faux boxwood. Great way to add box woods to your entry for a lot less the actual real plants. I am super impressed with the size of these 


A great way to update your outdoor furniture is changing out your existing pillow covers, fun way to freashen things up and can change for different this 4th ones here 

Look how cute these citronella candles are. Fun way to add candles to your outdoor space.

Adding some mood lighting with battery powered faux candles either indoor or out. These are a great addition to any space in your home. 

When I use a product I do try to link it for you and if you decide to purchase the product I am affiliated with some of those companies. Its the only way to offset the time it takes building my how tos for decorating and DIY.

I am in no way asking you to click and purchase any items but it makes it easier for all the info to be on one site. Many different stores carry the products I use. But the links I provide is where I had purchased.

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