Kitchen updated with peel and stick planks

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Good Morning friends..I have the most exciting news. I finally finished my kitchen floor!!! I have been procrastinating it for over 2 years. Many of you had asked from my bathroom updated floors here how I was going to do the transition. I really wasn't sure because I was unsure of the floors. Do I paint them? Do I do a floating floor? 

Peel and stick tile has been around for decades, its not like the "peel and stick" wallpaper. Its not removable. I realize that the proper way is to remove the ceramic and start with a nice even sub-floor.
BUT....I tend to not follow directions and do what works for me. I have demoed 100 year old homes before and tore of layers and layers of flooring. So I am not worried about adding one layer onto my ceramic tiles.
Plus my house is old and drafty and I hate, hate, hate ceramic tile. Its cold on my feet, its hard to stand on, and it never ever looks clean.

So this week I was online browsing flooring and the tiles I had my eyes on went on clearance for .57 a tile.
Jumped in the car and ran to Lowes. The lowes closest to me said a contractor came in yesterday and bought all of it! All of the peel and stick because it all went on clearance! Lowes was changing their flooring out. UGHHHHH. So I had the kind man check the nearest one and it was about 40 min away. I did not care now I was on a hunt. I knew if I didn't find them I would forever regret not buying them sooner.

So I was able to pick up 5 boxes from of these  My flooring was under $100

Hope this post inspires you to try something new in your home!

It’s been a few years and I still don’t regret adding them right over the cermanic. They are easy to care for and stay clean looking longer than the ceramic did!


  1. Just wanted to let you know after seeing this post today I rushed out and bought these floor tiles! They were also on clearance at my local Lowes. I have been looking for flooring for my kitchen and had thought about doing herringbone, but could not decide on floor tiles. Thank you so much for posting about this! I can't wait to give it a try.

  2. awesome! I'm happy this inspired you!

  3. Can you do a straight pattern? I don't care for herringbone. I HATE my ceramic tile! Would love to find a reasonable solution!

    1. Yes you can lay them straight it’s a lot less cuts